Roce’s spray air fresner creates a pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant sensation. Formula designed to perfume all the spaces of the home in a fast and effective way. Contains Alcohol

What is ROCE´S?

This is our first private label product, which was born from the purpose of building and establishing commercial ties with different producers in Latin America.

We look for quality products that offer solutions in price and usability for our distributors and, of course, for the final consumers.

At RB Trading Corp we prepare for the immediate needs of our customers with a line of homemade products. From flavoring to detergents to paper products.

6 special fragrances

For all environments

Immediate action

Aromatizes and disinfects

Eliminates bad odors

Easy to apply

"Roce's has captured the most delicate scents of nature bringing them into your home, to leave a sense of well-being and tranquility. Effective for neutralizing unpleasant odors."
Rocío Herrera
CEO RB Trading Corp

Access to our 50% launching promotion

Use the coupon code ROC50 to generate the discount at checkout.

Offer valid only for orders of ROCE`S air freshener.

Offer valid only for orders of ROCE`S air freshener.

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