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industrial and domestic cleaning.

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Air Freshener Spray

Creates a pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant sensation. Formula designed to perfume all the spaces of the home in a fast and effective way. Contains Alcohol 

Contains: Pack for 12 units (360 ml)

6 fragrances: 

  • Anti Smoking
  • Cinnamon Apple
  • Lavander
  • Flowers
  • Baby
  • Red Berri

Toilet Paper

Enjoy softness and comfort with Roces Toilet Paper. Delicate texture, reliable strength. Gentle on skin, fresh aroma. Experience daily well-being.

Glass Cleaner

Impeccable window cleaning with Roces Marine Breeze Glass Cleaner. Streak-free clarity, fresh marine aroma. Effortlessly removes stains, dries quickly. Achieve flawless results.


  • (1000 ml)

Floor Cleaner

Impeccable cleaning with Roces Lemon Floor Cleaner. Effortlessly removes stains, leaves floors gleaming. Fresh citrus aroma. Versatile and cost-effective.


  • (1000 ml) Vinegar 
  • (3800 ml) Flowers, Lemon, Lavander, Baking Soda

Powder Detergent

Experience superior cleaning with our low foaming Laundry Powder Detergent. Save time without compromising results. Fresh scent included.


  • Contains: 72 bags of 8.8 oz (250 gr)
  • Bag (10 Kg)
  • Bucket (9 Kg)

Liquid Detergent

Experience impeccable cleanliness with Roces Liquid Laundry Detergent. Achieve fresh and spotless garments effortlessly.


  • (6000 ml)
  • (19000 ml)

Deluxe Softener

Designed to offer maximum comfort to your garments, this softener adds a touch of luxury and delicacy to each wash. Its special formula protects and cares for your fabrics, leaving them soft to the touch with a fresh and long-lasting fragrance.


  • Fruit Passion, Floral Garden, Wild Breeze (2000 ml)

Primaveral Softener

Experience unrivaled softness with Roces fabric softener. Refreshing fragrance, effortless care. Protect your garments, extend their lifespan.


  • (6000 ml)
  • (19000 ml)

Liquid Washer

Superior grease-fighting power for clean, sparkling dishes. Gentle on hands. Controlled foam for easy rinsing. Versatile and efficient.


  • Lemon (500 ml)

The key for domestic, industrial and commercial cleaning products wholesale.

Our sales team will assist you and take your order
directly via WhatsApp

RB Trading Corp is a wholesale janitorial supply company located in Medley Florida.

We carry reasonably priced supply lines for home, office and industrial cleaning. All offerings of each product line always at wholesale pricing, available in various sizes and quantities with “warehouse pricing” and discounts to best suit your individual needs.

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