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Clothing Conditioner Deluxe (2000 ml) โ”‚ Roces

$ 14.00

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Deluxe Softener

Designed to offer maximum comfort to your garments, this softener adds a touch of luxury and delicacy to each wash. Its special formula protects and cares for your fabrics, leaving them soft to the touch with a fresh and long-lasting fragrance.

Available Varieties:

  • Fruit Passion
  • Floral Garden
  • Wild Breeze (Each bottle contains 2000 milliliters)

Discover the unparalleled softness that our Deluxe Softener provides to your garments. With fragrances like Fruit Passion, Floral Garden, and Wild Breeze, you can choose the scent that best suits your preference. Our special formula protects the integrity of your fabrics, ensuring they remain soft and fresh for longer.

Exceptional Care

Our Deluxe Softener not only softens your garments but also cares for them meticulously. Each wash with our softener will leave your fabrics feeling fresh and soft, as if they were new. Enjoy the experience of exceptional care for your garments with our superior-quality softener.


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Clothing Conditioner Deluxe (2000 ml) โ”‚ Roces
$ 14.00
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