Dishwashing Liquid Soap (500 ml) โ”‚ Roces

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Liquid Dishwasher

Superior grease-fighting power for clean, sparkling dishes. Gentle on hands. Controlled foam for easy rinsing. Versatile and efficient.

Available Variety:

  • Lemon (500 milliliters)

Discover the superior power of our Liquid Dishwasher, designed to fight tough grease and leave your dishes spotless. With a lemon fragrance, this dishwasher not only leaves your dishes sparkling, but also is gentle on your hands. Its controlled foam ensures easy rinsing, guaranteeing efficient cleaning with every wash.

Power and Versatility

Our Liquid Dishwasher offers superior grease-fighting power to leave your dishes spotless, but it’s also versatile and efficient. You can use it to clean not only dishes but also pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. Enjoy the convenience and exceptional performance of our liquid dishwasher in every wash.


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Dishwashing Liquid Soap (500 ml) โ”‚ Roces
$ 14.00
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