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Liquid Fabric Softener (6000 ml) โ”‚ Roces

$ 14.00

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Spring Softener

Experience unparalleled softness with Roces fabric softener. Refreshing fragrance, effortless care. Protect your garments, extend their lifespan.


  • 6000 milliliters

Discover the incomparable softness that our Spring Softener Roces provides to your garments. With refreshing fragrances that evoke the arrival of spring, each wash will be a revitalizing experience for your fabrics. Choose between containers of 6000 milliliters or 19000 milliliters, according to your laundry needs, and enjoy soft and fresh garments for longer.

Effortless Care

Our Spring Softener not only offers exceptional softness but also cares for your garments effortlessly. Its special formula protects the fibers of your fabrics, helping to prevent wear and extending their lifespan. Enjoy the convenience and freshness that our softener brings to your garments with each wash.


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Liquid Fabric Softener (6000 ml) โ”‚ Roces
$ 14.00
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