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Ariel With Downy 750 gr | 1.65 lbs (Pack of 12)

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Powdered detergent for washing white and colored clothes. It contains different technology blocks, capable of offering you a deep cleaning and care of your clothes from the first wash. The Ariel stain removal system is effective against stains such as: greases, dirt, makeup and acts significantly on ink stains, powder, chocolate and even sauce stains.

  • Ariel With a Touch of Downy offers you in one step to leave your clothes impeccably clean, with a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of freshness in your new perfume.
  • Ariel provides the same superior cleaning that has characterized the brand over time, but additionally, it makes dirt-like stains stick less on your clothes as you regularly wear Ariel.
  • Additionally, the Ariel with Downy touch provides care and protection to your fibers with each wash. Ariel’s technology is able to increasingly protect the fibers of your clothes thanks to its exclusive system of surfactants, enzymes and polymers.


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Ariel With Downy 750 gr | 1.65 lbs (Pack of 12)
$ 26.50
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