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Suavitel Fields Flower Superior Care – Clothing Softener, 3 L

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Soft, fresh spring fabric softener, 3 L


Suavitel says goodbye to ironing with its innovative technology and anti-wrinkle system helps you iron faster.

Different types of clothes, different care.

Each type of clothing has a different care. Household clothes, clothing, baby clothes, should not only be cared for by their fabric and color, but by their use. We give you very useful tips to keep your clothes longer.

Delicate clothing

01. The most important thing is that you use a soap that specializes in delicate garments, such as Vel Rosita.

02. If you wash clothes made of very fine fabrics such as linen and crochet or with details such as garments or embroidery, wash them separately and inside fabric bags designed for it.

03. Before washing, empty the pockets, close the zippers (open, spoil other garments), tie the buttons and ribbons, turn back the cuffs, lift the collars of the shirts, and sew any broken, because no matter how small it is it will get bigger in the wash.

04. Use cold water in the washing of your delicate garments. Hot water can discolour or damage their fabrics.

05. You can wash delicate clothes in the washing machine if you use cold water, the gentle cycle and only wash clothes of this type, avoiding squeezing them.

06. Remove the water from these garments by hand, without squeezing or twisting.

07. Use Suavitel when washing and you will avoid having to iron many of these garments.



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